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Never Mind Bill Cosby, What About Bill Clinton?

A number of women have stepped forward recently to claim that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them, or rather they have re-stepped forward, since the claims are old, some of them dating back almost half a century. The attacks on Cosby could be another … Continue reading

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The Sexiest Skinhead Alive

So now Esquire has named Penelope Cruz the Sexiest Woman Alive for 2014 (see here). She looks pretty good on the magazine’s cover, but it seems unlikely that on a planet containing more than seven billion people, a 40-year old would be the sexiest … Continue reading

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More Liberal Intolerance

Earlier this week, television’s CBS This Morning ran a segment about Lucy Li, the eleven-year-old who is the youngest golfer ever to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open. It was one of those upbeat, enthusiastic pieces designed to leave viewers swooning over such a remarkable young … Continue reading

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The Very Courageous Lena Dunham

So now Lena Dunham joins the crowd of courageous Hollywood liberals who mock the Bible. On this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live (see here), Dunham shed her clothes in a spoof of the Garden of Eden story. Actually we didn’t really see her … Continue reading

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She’s Baaack.

So the Benghazi Liar a.k.a. Hillary Clinton is back in the public eye, joining the speaking circuit, striking book deals, and staking out positions on issues. Clinton is spectacularly unaccomplished, yet liberals sing her praises and consider her the leading Democratic presidential candidate for 2016. Dan Balz of … Continue reading

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Debating Wing Nuts

So liberals like Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School think they have a way to humble  “wing nuts.” Wing nuts are people who, from the liberal perspective, disagree with the liberal “vision” of massive government. As he considers how to debate wing nuts, Sunstein finds a … Continue reading

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No Shower After Working Out?

Okay, so this post comes many years too late, but I still marvel at the hygiene (or rather lack thereof) exhibited by people who go the gym. Here’s what I mean:  in the old days, people would go to the gym, workout, … Continue reading

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Good Riddance To Hugo Chavez

Let’s see – rumor has it that Hugo Chavez and his family amassed a fortune of $2 billion during his 14 year reign in Venezuela, which would amount to an average salary of about $142.8 million per year. Not bad … Continue reading

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Ezra Klein: The Wise Boy

First, NBC News publishes a column online touting Hillary Clinton’s “defining moments” that included no accomplishments, and now The New Republic has come out with a veri-table love letter to liberal propagandist Ezra Klein, a/k/a Alfred E. Neuman (check out his Washington Post photo), that is equally light on … Continue reading

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What Difference Does It Make?

Lance Armstrong used various drugs and blood doping to enhance his performance during his cycling career, and now we have Beyonce, singing at the presidential inauguration, using pre-recorded music to enhance her performance. Both performers have engaged in essentially the same conduct (including the … Continue reading

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