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What Marco Rubio Should Have Said

In last Saturday’s Republican presidential debate, Marco Rubio faltered when Chris Christie attacked him as an inexperienced, programmed candidate along the lines of an outclassed President Obama. Rubio almost proved Christie’s point when he repeatedly made the same point that … Continue reading

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Bob Costas Clinging To His Political Correctness

And now NBC sports anchor Bob Costas has stepped forward to add his wrong-headed views to the controversy about the Washington Redskins team name (see here). During the Cowboys-Redskins game on Sunday night, Costas asked viewers to “consider equivalent terms about other ethnic minorities.” When … Continue reading

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Lip Service From The WSJ

The editors of the WSJ are quick to praise markets and competition. But when push comes to shove, when either DOJ or FTC actually challenges the anticompetitive practices of a dominant firm or combination of firms, the WSJ always comes down on … Continue reading

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What’s Left For Regressives?

Flush from the gay rights victory at the Supreme Court, “progressives” are now wondering what’s left for the progressive movement. Writing in Slate magazine, for example, Barry Friedman and Dahlia Lithwick offer up a laundry list of progressive causes that they be-lieve all good progressives should pursue, now … Continue reading

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Liberals “Fighting” For Women’s Rights

One of the greatest threats to women and women’s rights in the world today is found in the misogyny that characterizes life in the Mideast, southern Asia, and other similar places around the world. And liberals, who pride themselves on their support and fight for … Continue reading

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Benghazi Apologetics

Glenn Kessler is the putative “fact-checker” for the Washington Post, but he steps out of that role in a recent column, which the Post styles not as fact checking, but as an “analy-tic look” at the news about Benghazi. According to Kessler, the administration didn’t intentionally lie about … Continue reading

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The Morality Of Capitalism

In an op-ed piece for the Washington Post, Steven Pearlstein suggests that the nation is caught up in a historic debate over free-market capitalism and poses the question:  is capitalism moral? Pearlstein points out that over the last thirty years, the experiment with communism has been “thoroughly … Continue reading

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