Liberals “Fighting” For Women’s Rights

One of the greatest threats to women and women’s rights in the world today is found in the misogyny that characterizes life in the Mideast, southern Asia, and other similar places around the world. And liberals, who pride themselves on their support and fight for women’s rights, are in the thick of the action. But what exactly are liberals doing to improve the plight of women? Well, let’s review:

Democrats in Congress, led by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), have passed a resolution warning us of the “disparate impact” of climate change on women around the world because of its effect on agriculture. Okay, but this reminds me of Xerxes, king of ancient Persia, who sent servants to lash the Hellespont after a storm upset his plans to invade Greece. Maybe Congress can send servants to lash climate change or at least recommend that DOJ sue climate change under a “disparate impact” theory of discrimination.

Then there’s the intrepid Hillary Clinton, giving “impassioned” speeches for women’s rights and equality in developing nations. Of course, nobody can name any significant accomplishment from Clinton’s four years as secretary of state, let alone one that advanced women’s rights, but at least she’s impassioned. But then again – if we add up all her travel miles as secretary of state and redefine women’s rights = travel, Clinton doesn’t look too bad.

In her new twitter bio, Clinton calls herself a “glass ceiling cracker.” Not only is this inaccurate (she wasn’t the first female senator or secretary of state), but it’s odd in another way:  one might think that an impassioned glass ceiling cracker would not stand still as her husband repeatedly and publicly humiliated her with other women. But I guess Hillary needed to ride Bill’s coattails to the Senate and the presidency, so ambition apparently trumps women’s rights. Perhaps she should add “coattail rider” to her twitter bio.

Another courageous liberal fighting for women is Barbra Streisand who is standing up to discrimination against women in, let’s see, oh, Israel. Apparently a small group of ultra-Orthodox Jews object to women who seek to wear prayer shawls and pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. And although the Israeli Justice Minister has introduced legislation making these discriminatory practices illegal and a court has upheld the right of women to wear prayer shawls, it’s still good to see that Barbra is on the job.

Finally, not to be outdone by the geriatric crowd, younger liberals sprang into action through the recent London concert organized by the Chime for Change campaign and headlined by none other than Beyoncé herself. Beyoncé is the singer who used PERs (performance enhancing recordings) at the presidential inauguration earlier this year, so who knows if she was actually singing during the concert. In any event, one segment of the concert included a video of the story of a woman (i.e., Jessica’s Story) who was gang raped in – wait for it – the United States.

So according to liberals, the true villains oppressing and denying women their rights are “climate change,” Israel, and the U.S. This is how liberals view the world and with this kind of stupidity from those who are running things these days, the future of the truly oppressed is not very bright, indeed.

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