The NFL Is Broken

The most aggravating aspect of the NFL players’ actions this past weekend is that the players are spreading a lie.  White liberals, Black Lives Matter, and the media have publicized a number of police shootings over the last few years in order to create the impression that black men are routinely gunned down by racist police forces across the country.  In a nation of 325 million people, however, these instances do not represent the norm, but are aberrations.  Studies, such as that done by Harvard’s Roland Fryer, have found no racial bias in police shootings.  The players need to educate themselves.

Another annoying aspect of the “protests” is that the political posturing is occurring when the players are at their jobs.  Most normal people, such as the fans who finance the NFL, could not get away with this conduct while at work.  Liberals praise Google when the company fires an engineer who doesn’t follow the party line, but suddenly discover the First Amendment if someone suggests that the NFL discipline its employees.  But liberals need not worry about discipline, the league’s owners and management lack the backbone to enforce its current rules which require players to respectfully stand for the national anthem.

The players also continue the general lie that African Americans are oppressed by a white majority in this country.  Liberals and black activists demand a conversation on race, mostly meaning that white people should apologize for being white.  But the conversation that is needed is one in which the liberals and activists acknowledge that the problem is not racism, but has cultural roots.  The starting point is to admit that a significant subset of African Americans are simply uncivilized.  Once they come to terms with this fact, we might begin to discuss how to fix the problem.

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