When Hillary Clinton Strokes Out, Bill Would Step In, Not Tim Kaine

Of course liberals immediately began misrepresenting the recent dust-up between Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich on Fox News (see here), claiming that the exchange was another example of Republicans attacking women. In reality, Gingrich did nothing more than complain that Kelly was focusing on sex rather than policy when she wanted Gingrich to label Donald Trump a sexual predator. Hardly an attack on women, but liberals apparently are so fearful of a Trump victory that they intend to keep up their lies.

When Kelly replied she was fascinated not by sex, but with the protection of women, she opened the door for Gingrich to bring in Bill Clinton, which he did. Kelly is worried about protecting women, but has no misgivings about a creditably accused rapist like Bill Clinton getting back into the White House. At one point, Gingrich dared Kelly to use the words: “Bill Clinton, sexual predator.” Kelly refused and countered with the typical lame argument that Bill Clinton is “not on the ticket.”

Excuse me, but in 1992, Bill and Hillary campaigned as a package deal. Back then, Hillary announced that she was not going to stay home baking cookies. Rather, she would serve as co-president with Bill after the election. Two for the price of one. And there’s no reason to think it would be different this time. In fact, Hillary has already stated that Bill would oversee the economy (because, you know, he’s so brilliant). Bill Clinton indeed is on the ballot, folks.

The worst aspect of the Clinton package is that Hillary is not in good health. She probably will stroke out at some point during her term and when she becomes incapacitated, the sexual predator will take over. Now we might think that under the Constitution, the vice president would fill in, but we should think again. After all, no self-respecting liberal pays any attention to the Constitution or the rule of law. Not only would Bill take charge, but we are unlikely to ever know about it. Our media can be counted on to do a cover-up the likes of which we’ve never seen before. One that would make Woodrow Wilson’s wife proud.

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