Teaching Anti-White Racism to Black Children

There are constant calls from black activists and white liberals for America to have a “conversation” about race, but a genuine conversation cannot begin until these liberals acknowledge that culture rather than racism or slavery is the primary reason for the plight of a large segment of the black population.  Rather than exploring this truth, however, teachers in primarily black public schools in St. Louis, such as Erika Whitfield, are mostly training their students to be anti-police, anti-white racists.

Whitfield, who teaches language arts to seventh graders, claims that her students develop their own “conclusions and inferences” based on the truth (see here), but we might question what Whitfield calls the truth.  Her classroom is adorned with a Black Lives Matter sign and a poster of Angela Davis, a black left-wing radical who purchased the guns used in a courtroom shootout in 1970 that left four dead including the judge (see here). With heroes like this, it is unlikely that Whitfield has any clue about the truth.

Whitfield’s uses Ferguson as an example of police brutality, yet Ferguson was the lie of the year.  Studies show that the high profile police shootings of the last few years are aberrations, not examples of systemic police racism. But it doesn’t appear that Whitfield discusses these studies with her students. It’s also unlikely that she discusses studies showing that blacks are not profiled when 25% of speeders are black and only 23% of those stopped are black (see here). Rather than driving while black, it’s more a matter of driving while speeding.

Although she doesn’t teach history, the “middle passage” (see here) apparently is on Whitfield’s classroom agenda. But again, we shouldn’t expect her to point out that Muslims worked the slave trade for centuries before the Europeans or that Africans originally captured those who were enslaved or that it was white people who abolished slavery.  No, to teach these truths would disappoint Angela Davis and the BLM mobs that Whitfield idolizes.  Whitfield fancies herself a good teacher, but is simply a propagandist.

And we probably can’t expect Whitfield to encourage her students to work hard to develop the necessary skills to earn a living.  That would be acting white. Liberals lately have smeared two law professors as white supremacists because they suggested that America return to the bourgeois cultural values of the 1950s (see here).  Never mind that these values helped create the greatest prosperity for the greatest number of people in the history of the world.  All that counts for liberals and black activists like Whitfield is that these practices and traditions evolved over generations among the cultures of – gasp! – white Europeans.

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