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Trump Is No Worse Than Bill And Hillary Clinton

Liberals are falling all over themselves these days in their pretend outrage over Donald Trump’s comments and actions, most of which took place decades ago. Even Republicans are cutting and running from Trump after his “vulgar” language during a conversation … Continue reading


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Fiascos, Fascism and Hillary Clinton

The choice we face in the next presidential election is not good. Donald Trump may be unqualified to serve as president, but Hillary Clinton has a proven record of incompetence spanning decades. Just about everything she touches ends up a … Continue reading

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Never Mind Bill Cosby, What About Bill Clinton?

A number of women have stepped forward recently to claim that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them, or rather they have re-stepped forward, since the claims are old, some of them dating back almost half a century. The attacks on Cosby could be another … Continue reading

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Can We Ostracize Hillary Clinton?

The ancient Greeks had a political practice called ostracism by which they could rid themselves of any citizen for a period of time. If only the U.S. had such a procedure. We could use it to banish the Benghazi Liar (a.k.a. Hillary Clinton) and her perjurer husband, Bill … Continue reading

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Liberals Will Always Lie

Lately, Americans have endured a steady and tiresome stream of lies from the Obama administration:  lies about IRS targeting conservative groups, NSA surveillance practices, and the cause of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, including the American ambassador to Libya. And of course, there’s the repeated lie, coming from President … Continue reading

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She’s Baaack.

So the Benghazi Liar a.k.a. Hillary Clinton is back in the public eye, joining the speaking circuit, striking book deals, and staking out positions on issues. Clinton is spectacularly unaccomplished, yet liberals sing her praises and consider her the leading Democratic presidential candidate for 2016. Dan Balz of … Continue reading

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Prosecuting Those Responsible For The Financial Crisis

So now liberals can’t figure out why no one has been prosecuted for their role in the financial crisis.  For example, Neil Irwin of Wonkblog finds it shocking that: [For] a crisis that drove the global economy off a cliff, caused millions of people … Continue reading

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Liberals “Fighting” For Women’s Rights

One of the greatest threats to women and women’s rights in the world today is found in the misogyny that characterizes life in the Mideast, southern Asia, and other similar places around the world. And liberals, who pride themselves on their support and fight for … Continue reading

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Benghazi Apologetics

Glenn Kessler is the putative “fact-checker” for the Washington Post, but he steps out of that role in a recent column, which the Post styles not as fact checking, but as an “analy-tic look” at the news about Benghazi. According to Kessler, the administration didn’t intentionally lie about … Continue reading

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Hillary In 2016 – Really?

An NBC News online article about Hillary Clinton highlights “15 moments that define her public life,” and remarkably, there isn’t a single moment on the list that could fairly be characterized as an accomplishment. Indeed, three of the moments are nothing more … Continue reading

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