She’s Baaack.

So the Benghazi Liar a.k.a. Hillary Clinton is back in the public eye, joining the speaking circuit, striking book deals, and staking out positions on issues. Clinton is spectacularly unaccomplished, yet liberals sing her praises and consider her the leading Democratic presidential candidate for 2016.

Dan Balz of the Washington Post claims that Clinton is a draw on the speaking circuit on the “strength of her impressive resume and her achievements during decades in public service.” But he doesn’t tell us what these achievements are. Evidently they’re are so well known that readers need no reminding or perhaps they really don’t exist. Don’t bet against the latter.

Forbes magazine exults that Clinton has a CV “full of firsts.” Unlike Balz, however, Forbes at least provides some additional information:

She is the only first lady to become a U.S. senator turned viable presidential candidate turned secretary of state.

A good try, but it amounts to nothing more than highlighting that Clinton rode her husband’s coattails from first lady to the Senate to presidential candidate and Cabinet member.

When Clinton retired as secretary of state, liberals tried to find something good about her tenure in office, but came up empty. They ultimately settled on praising her for traveling “almost one million miles.” So now travel = accomplishment. But Clinton’s travel is better viewed as an “attempted accomplishment” and praising it is the liberals’ version of giving Clinton a participation ribbon.

In a recent post on his blog, the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple criticized Clinton for shutting out the media during her speeches, but couldn’t help adding:

Clinton is known as a woman who adores challenges: She took on the country’s healthcare crisis. She took on the Senate. She took on Barack Obama. She took on the frayed foreign relations of the United States.

Taking a cue from Dan Balz, Wemple neglects to elaborate on these challenges, so let’s fill in the gaps. The healthcare crisis apparently refers to Clinton’s effort to head up healthcare reform in the mid-1990s.  Gee, that only turned into such a fiasco that Congress never voted on it. Never mind about overcoming challenges, at least Clinton adores them.

It’s hard to say what Wemple has in mind when he claims that Clinton took on the Senate. Of course, Clinton rode the aforementioned coattails to get elected to the Senate in the first place from a state where she didn’t even live previously. But her election only proved that New York voters have no self respect as they elected a carpetbagger.

Although Wemple claims that Clinton took on Barack Obama, I recall that Clinton was the front runner in 2008. Which is to say that it was Obama who took on Clinton, not the other way around. Obama took her on and cleaned her clock, but never fear, Clinton put “18 million cracks” in the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” in the world.

Finally, foreign relations. Forget about America’s diplomatic incompetence with Russia, Iran, and the Arab Spring. Clinton will be forever discredited because of the death of four Americans in Libya, her lies about the cause of their deaths, and her utter contempt for the truth (“what difference does it make”) before Congress. To paraphrase Neil Young: “Jihadists and Clinton coming. Four dead in Benghazi. Four dead in Benghazi.”

Yeah, what a legacy.

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