The New Tories Part 2

Don’t liberals ever tire of calling people racists who disagree with them? This has been going on for five years now – ranging from Wise Boy’s (aka Ezra Klein) old JournoList forum to Chris Matthews at MSNBC to writers at The New Republic.  And the practice is going strong today at the Washington Post with Colbert King (a few weeks ago) and recently Harold Meyerson (see here). Evidently, liberals really get off on the strategy.

People who resort to name calling and insults are out of ideas or their ideas are so dubious in the first place that they feel the need to hide them. Rather than insult those who dare question authority, maybe Meyerson and King can explain how the liberal effort to place 315 million people under the thumb of the central authority for just about every activity under the sun, including local activities such as healthcare, is such a great idea.

But Meyerson and King don’t seem inclined to use rational argument – they prefer to simply insult their opponents by calling them Stalinists, Jacobins, and Confederates. Okay, but if that’s how we’re going to do it, then we can fairly describe Meyerson and King themselves as nothing other than pathetic Tories. Given their love of central authority, had they been around in the 1770s, we surely would have seen them writing pamphlets supporting British despotism.

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