Liberals Will Always Lie

Lately, Americans have endured a steady and tiresome stream of lies from the Obama administration:  lies about IRS targeting conservative groups, NSA surveillance practices, and the cause of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, including the American ambassador to Libya.

And of course, there’s the repeated lie, coming from President Obama, administration officials and politicians, about the ability of Americans to keep their health insurance after implementation of Obamacare. Period.

Some conservatives are exasperated not only by the lies themselves, but by the cavalier attitude that liberals exhibit after the lies are exposed. Indeed, it’s hard to forget Hillary Clinton’s testimony before Congress and her “what difference does it make” statement and attitude during the hearing. And it’s standard practice for liberals to explain their lies with additional lies.

But liberals’ attitude toward the truth shouldn’t surprise us – it is a result of their unbounded arrogance and this arrogance will always lead liberals to lie.

Liberals believe their big government “vision” for America is absolute truth. Of course, some people don’t get this vision:  for example, those who cling to their guns and religion, those who don’t think clearly because they’re afraid (mostly of black people), or those who think they’re “so smart” and actually built their businesses.

The stupidity of the rest of us means that liberals must, no doubt reluctantly and after much soul-searching, impose their truth upon society. Rational argument is useless against the stupid, so liberals are required to employ a number of, ahem, other methods to get what they want.

The techniques that authoritarian use to cram their agendas down the throats of resisters cover a range of practices along a continuum:  from deception and propaganda to refusal to recognize or enforce the law to intimidation and violence and finally, to outright killing of those who disagree with the vision (the Victims of Communism Memorial in D.C. claims 100 million dead).

Lies and deception occupy the less odious end of the cram down spectrum, so such methods will be the first that liberals employ to get their way. Deception represents the low-hanging fruit of liberal tactics and the moral certainty with which liberals view their truth will not allow them to forego this tactic.

Lying is as natural to liberals as breathing is for the rest of us. So we should be used to it by now, but that still doesn’t lessen the shock at the blatancy of the lies in the Obama administration.

And it will only get worse when the Benghazi Liar (a.k.a. Hillary Clinton) and her perjury-committing husband take over the White House in 2016.

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