Never Mind Bill Cosby, What About Bill Clinton?

A number of women have stepped forward recently to claim that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them, or rather they have re-stepped forward, since the claims are old, some of them dating back almost half a century. The attacks on Cosby could be another example of America’s privately operated police state, but as Arnold Schwarzenegger famously observed in connection with his own sexual misconduct allegations: “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

The media is obsessed with Cosby, but there is another Bill whose behavior deserves renewed scrutiny. This would be the perjurer and former president Bill Clinton and his alleged sexual harassment of women throughout his political career. Yes, we’ve heard the claims against Clinton and they received some publicity in the 1990s. But the claims against Cosby are also not new, yet here we are, covering the same ground with him.

It would be more important for the media to rehash the claims against Clinton because he is still married to the Benghazi Liar, a.k.a. Hillary Clinton (which doesn’t speak well of her, by the way), who unfortunately may be America’s next president. When campaigning for president in the 1990s, the Clintons told Americans that voters would get “two presidents for the price of one.” Hillary would not be baking cookies, but would serve as an unelected co-president.

If Hillary served as co-president in Bill’s administration, then we might expect to have two presidents for the price of one again in the White House if Hillary wins the election in 2016. Voters ignored Bill’s serial escapades the first time around and we saw him add to the list as he took advantage of a 22-year-old White House intern in the Oval Office. That voters might bring him back to the WH for a second go around is appalling.

Some might resent the comparison of Cosby, who allegedly used drugs and alcohol to confuse his victims, with Bill Clinton, who presumably relied on his good old boy charm. But who needs drugs and alcohol when you have the Oval Office and the title Leader of the Free World? The intoxicating effect of the White House trumps any chemical – Monica Lewinsky never stood a chance.

NBC and Netflix have canceled projects with Cosby and TV Land has yanked episodes of “The Cosby Show” from its lineup indefinitely, so Cosby’s career is over. In contrast, Bill Clinton is flying high as a speaker, averaging almost $250,000 per speech. Bill has earned more than $100 million since leaving office which places him and his wife among the wealthiest 1% of Americans. Evidently, sexual harassment (not to mention perjury) isn’t such a big deal after all.

The disparity in the media’s treatment of individuals engaged in the same conduct is not new. One annoying example of a few years ago is when the media endlessly attacked cyclist Lance Armstrong for using performance enhancing drugs to win bicycle races while giving a pass to Beyoncé Knowles who used a performance enhancing recording to guarantee a winning performance at the 2012 presidential inauguration.

Armstrong and Beyoncé both misrepresented themselves in the same way for the same reasons. Yet the media defended Beyoncé, and fawned over her after she called a press conference and sang the national anthem for the attendees. Liberals especially loved that stunt with one writer from Slate praising her as a “bad-ass.” Maybe if Armstrong had called a press conference to ride around on his bicycle, he would still be competing today, at least in triathlons.

The media’s indignation to bad conduct is inversely related to the liberal nature of the bad actor’s views. Eugene Robinson, liberal columnist for the Washington Post, let the cat out of the bag in a column in which he writes about Cosby, but is unable to do so without also referring to and dismissing as “shrill” and “overboard” Cosby’s conservative views on African-American issues (see here).

Liberal media hypocrisy will protect Bill Clinton, and in the case of CBS, liberals have even created Hillary propaganda disguised as a television program (i.e., “Madame Secretary”). One can only stand by slack-jawed as liberals work to inflict the Clintons on America once again.

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  1. i have to hand it to you. Comparing Lance Armstrong’s cheating with drugs to Beyonce singing at an inauguration is the weirdest piece of pretzel logic I’ve read today. “Performance enhancing recordings”? Is that even a thing?

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