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Liberals “Fighting” For Women’s Rights

One of the greatest threats to women and women’s rights in the world today is found in the misogyny that characterizes life in the Mideast, southern Asia, and other similar places around the world. And liberals, who pride themselves on their support and fight for … Continue reading


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Noticing The Misogynists

Well, this falls into the “Miracles Never Cease” category:  The Washington Post daring to print an article describing the abuse of women in Afghanistan. The articles we usually see from the Post tend to ignore the plight of women in certain areas of the world. Not only … Continue reading

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More Liberal Lip Service About Women

So now the intrepid Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and other Democratic lawmakers are pushing a resolution to recognize that climate change hurts women more than men. According to Lee, climate change affects agricultural output which has a “disparate impact” on women. Among other things, … Continue reading

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Brave Liberals

So now Quentin Tarantino has a new movie, “Django Unchained,” which features depictions of slavery in the U.S. In interviews, Tarantino claims that the truth about slavery was a thousand times worse than that portrayed in the movie. But what’s … Continue reading

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Hiding The War On Women

At least someone is speaking out about the real war on women being waged in the Mideast. In an op-ed article, Roya Hakakian explains how misogynists in the Mideast have adopted Ayatollah Khomeini’s tactic of using the chaos created through anti-Americanism, and the resulting reluctance of American leaders … Continue reading

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Normalizing Misogyny

On the front page of its October 19, 2012, edition, the Washington Post published a photo of two Saudi women wearing burqas – clothing which leaves visible only the eyes of the women. The photo accompanies an article that mentions one of the women, Batoul … Continue reading

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Women Do Not Earn Less Than Men

Every few years, liberals push the claim that women are the victims of discrimination, earning only 78% (or some comparable percentage) of what men earn. This is just another fake issue – women who have the same education and experience as men in … Continue reading

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Misogynist Enablers

Slate’s Fred Kaplan has weighed in, so it’s official: American efforts in Afghanistan were “doomed from the start,” and now it’s “over.” Okay, so now the Afghan misogynists can get back to their primary occupation of oppressing and enslaving women (the real … Continue reading

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