Women Do Not Earn Less Than Men

Every few years, liberals push the claim that women are the victims of discrimination, earning only 78% (or some comparable percentage) of what men earn. This is just another fake issue – women who have the same education and experience as men in various jobs earn about the same as men. Indeed, if women earned only 78% of men for the same jobs, employers would trip over themselves in their rush to lower costs by hiring women, until salaries became equalized.

The reason that women overall earn 78% of men is that they make lifestyle choices (e.g., having and raising children) that lead them to work in fields that are more amenable to those choices, but tend to pay lower salaries. This is a matter of biology and choice, not discrimination. Liberals may demand that employers in all fields provide women with time off and more flexibility to raise children, but giving child-raising women the same pay for working fewer hours than men or women without children would only discriminate against the latter.

The pay disparity and discrimination claims are false and have been for a long time, but they make nice, deceptive attack ads. Especially for liberals who with respect to the upcoming election are becoming more desperate every day.

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1 Response to Women Do Not Earn Less Than Men

  1. VigilantVote says:

    I thought it was interesting to find out that Senate democrats paid their female staffers les than the male one. But you are right, many of the reasons women seem to make less is lifestyle choices which less often affect men.

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