The Libya Debate Question

The question about Libya and the answers given during the second presidential debate raised several interesting points. First, Obama continues to lie about the events in Benghazi that caused the deaths of four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya. We all know that the administration held out for two weeks, pretending the attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi occurred as part of a spontaneous protest of a YouTube video, rather than admit that the assault was a planned, organized attack by a terrorist group.

Yet during the debate, Obama tried to muddle the issue again, claiming that he called the attack an act of terror from the beginning. He may have used the words “act of terror” in the Rose Garden on the day after the attack, but he certainly did not refer to terror in the sense of a planned terrorist attack. Indeed, Obama’s response was reminiscent of Bill Clinton and the way Clinton twisted the meaning of words.

Second, as Romney pressed Obama on the “act of terror” statement, the moderator Candy Crowley jumped into the discussion in support of Obama, reminding everyone that Obama did say “act of terror” in the Rose Garden. Apparently realizing that she was also reminding everyone of her liberal bias (not to mention helping Obama mislead voters yet again), Crowley at least followed up with a few words favorable to Romney. All in all, though, she gave a brilliant confirmation of the knee-jerk reflexes of the liberal biased media.

Third, Romney missed a great opportunity to win the debate by going after Hillary Clinton after she earlier claimed to “take responsibility” for what happened in Benghazi. Romney could have pointed out that Clinton is apparently unaware of what “taking responsibility” means:  when four of your colleagues and friends are murdered through the incompetence of your department, taking responsibility means resigning your position. It’s more than just making a statement.

Yet Clinton has never even hinted at stepping down (and amazingly enough, some have even praised her for being “classy”) and Romney should have called for her resignation. This surely would have stirred things up and been the highlight of the evening. Indeed, at that point the intrepid Ms. Crowley probably would have tackled Romney.

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