Decline Of Free Speech

If anyone is looking to be depressed, check out Jonathan Turley’s recent article on freedom of speech, the first line of which is: Free speech is dying in the Western world. Most of his examples come from Europe and Canada, but even courts in the U.S. are siding with those who use or threaten violence (who tend to be Muslims) to silence critics or opponents whose speech is deemed offensive in some way.

It’s further depressing that the Obama administration supported a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council that calls on states to criminalize “incitement to imminent violence based on religion or belief.” As a practical matter, pressure will be on states to accomplish this by restricting speech, although Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pretends that free speech will also be protected. As Turley points out, it isn’t clear how that will work “if the yardstick is how people react to speech.”

That Obama and Clinton are the top two leaders of the Democratic Party does not bode well for the future of free speech in this country. Of course, liberals are not acting on principle here which means restrictions on free speech will be riddled with hypocrisy. For example, as liberals restrict speech, they are unlikely to restrict offensive speech as long as it is directed toward Christians or other groups that liberals don’t like.

So even if liberals impose restrictions on the rest of us, they will continue to defend and even enjoy the bigotry of so-called works of art such as “Piss Christ” or “The Holy Virgin Mary,” and no one need worry that blasphemous Broadway musicals such as the “Book of Mormon” will be outlawed. After all, Hillary Clinton attended a performance of the latter and no one would want to interfere with her social life.

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