More Insights From Wise Boy

So Wise Boy (aka Ezra Klein) is perplexed. You see, he noticed that Republicans support the idea of doing long-run estimates of the federal budget deficit, hope to secure the long border between the U.S. and Mexico, and believe that the government can be trusted to gather metadata about Americans’ phone calls without obliterating civil liberties. For Klein, the question is (in the print version of his article):

If Republicans think the government is capable of predicting the path of the economy 30 years into the future while locking down the border and picking through all electronic communications, why aren’t they socialists?

Aha, Wise Boy surely has outwitted the Republicans on this one. Indeed, why aren’t Republicans socialists? But wait, by mocking the Republicans about their newly found love of big government, Klein implies that he himself is skeptical of (not to mention he explicitly questions) the capability and trustworthiness of big government in these areas. So perhaps the real question is, why doesn’t Wise Boy support freedom and competition?

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