What Marco Rubio Should Have Said

In last Saturday’s Republican presidential debate, Marco Rubio faltered when Chris Christie attacked him as an inexperienced, programmed candidate along the lines of an outclassed President Obama. Rubio almost proved Christie’s point when he repeatedly made the same point that Obama’s actions have not been the result of inexperience, but are the result of a specific plan intentionally implemented.

Obama may appear to be a rank amateur, most clearly seen in his management of foreign policy, but appearances can be deceiving. While it is true that America’s rivals, from Putin in Russia to the mullahs in Iran, have eaten Obama’s lunch since his first term in office, that is because Obama simply does not view Russia, Iran, radical Islam, etc. as enemies (as most rational people might see them).

Rather, Obama sees them as victims of America’s past actions and aggression and his answer is apologies and appeasement. This approach will not change the conduct of our enemies as Obama imagines, but will only encourage more bad behavior. But contrary to the conventional wisdom, this does not show that Obama is inexperienced, only that he is another half-witted liberal. And such liberal stupidity is unlikely to change with more experience – just look at the 74-year old Bernie Sanders as he clings to his socialist ideology.

So Rubio is correct about Obama and his intentions, but he missed a great opportunity to use Christie’s attack to explain how the executive branch is different from the legislature. Christie boasted of his experience as governor and seems to view himself as a “problem solver,” although he only mentioned problems such as clearing snow from the streets and keeping the schools open. Which is odd – one would think that a governor of a state does not micromanage such activities.

As a governor, Christie is supposed to execute the laws, not make them, which is what he seems to imply when he boasts about solving problems. We’ve already experienced seven years with a president who has ignored the Constitution, statutes, and Congress as he sees fit, no doubt believing that, like Christie, he is solving problems. Whenever Obama ignores the rule of law, he shows his absolute contempt for the American people and democracy and now we have the likes of Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie apparently promising to continue this practice.

In truth, elected officials like Obama and Christie do not solve any problems. Problems are solved by individuals and groups of individuals operating in free competitive markets. The proper role of government is to maintain the framework that maximizes freedom for individuals to produce and innovate. Rubio screwed up in a major way when he failed to point out that this election is about reestablishing the rule of law and the proper role of the executive and government in our lives.

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