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Good Riddance To Hugo Chavez

Let’s see – rumor has it that Hugo Chavez and his family amassed a fortune of $2 billion during his 14 year reign in Venezuela, which would amount to an average salary of about $142.8 million per year. Not bad … Continue reading

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A Divided Nation

Two days after the election, a couple of talking heads on one television network lamented the political divide in America today, and both of the heads were at a total loss for an answer to the problem. Well, the answer my friend is not blowin’ in … Continue reading

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Mob Rule

According to Slate’s Raul Gallegos, Hugo Chavez has run Venezuela’s state run oil company into the ground to the point where it is now paying its suppliers with IOUs. Gallegos characterizes this as a lesson in “oil wealth mismanagement,” but I think it can also … Continue reading

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