A Divided Nation

Two days after the election, a couple of talking heads on one television network lamented the political divide in America today, and both of the heads were at a total loss for an answer to the problem. Well, the answer my friend is not blowin’ in the wind; rather, it’s right in front of our faces and has been there for only about, oh, the last 225 years:  we need to return to a federal government whose powers are, dare I say, “enumerated” and limited. Gee, just like the form of government originally created by the founders during a period of divisiveness.

We all know that the country is fairly evenly divided in governing philosophy with big government supporters giving Obama a 50.4% edge in the popular vote. Liberals seem to think that this razor thin majority gives them the right to impose their will on the rest of us. Of course, they don’t say it like that, preferring instead to talk about “compromise,” which for them means that Republicans should do what liberals demand. Given the intensity of the differences in the country, however, rule by our slim majority would be an example of “tyranny of the majority” or stated more bluntly, mob rule.

The answer to America’s political divide is not to insist that those on one side of the divide are entitled to dominate those on the other side, but to eliminate domination in the first place by limiting central government. Of course, this might only shift the problems of mob rule down to the state level, but maybe not, as there seems to be a general consensus on the role of government among citizens of most states. For example, the passions of citizens in many states seem to coalesce around the concept of freedom whereas citizens in other states rally around “free things.”

Liberals, however, have sacralized big government, and worship at its altar. As a result, we find liberals devising ways not to limit centralized government and the power to dominate, but to make it easier for one side to dominate the other in order to bring authoritarian government to all. An example of the liberal strategy is seen in the desire to change the Senate rules to end the filibuster as we know it. Yeah, that’s right, liberals hope to eliminate what is standing between the domination of 315 million people in this country by a majority comprising 50.4% of voters.

Such approaches are arrogant, short-sighted, and overreaching, and will only serve to aggravate an already bad situation. Political justice means returning more power to the states, giving citizens in the states the right to self-government and self-determination.

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