Taking Responsibility

Resigning his position as CIA Director because of an extra-marital affair, David Petraeus show us what taking responsibility means. Liberals and especially Hillary Clinton should take note and use Petraeus’s experience as a, dare I say, “teachable moment.” Petraeus showed that taking responsibility means actually doing something, such as resigning. Clinton thinks taking responsibility means saying you’re taking responsibility and then doing nothing.

The incompetence of Clinton’s department resulted in the murders of four of her “friends and colleagues” in Benghazi, yet initially she did nothing but lie about the cause of their deaths (blaming an anti-Muslim video), even while standing next to their returned caskets. More recently, Clinton has called Chris Stevens, the murdered ambassador, an “American hero” as if that makes up for the lies. She has neither class nor integrity, and the fact that some have praised her conduct and hold her up as a possible presidential candidate for 2016 is very unfortunate.

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1 Response to Taking Responsibility

  1. Resigning due to an extra-marital affair…if this had been the case with Hillary’s husband, where would she be now?

    I am glad to see someone take responsibility for their actions. General Petraeus is a true patriot, even though he admittedly suffered from a lapse in judgement. It is unfortunate that this incident will likely overshadow an otherwise exemplary career. I wish him and his family the best during this trying time.

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