Defying The Authoritarians

Let’s see, the liberals are looking to put 315 million citizens under the thumb of the federal government for just about everything, including healthcare, which is a decidedly local activity (most people go to hospitals and doctors located near their homes). And people evidently are okay with this, bowing meekly to the central authority, no matter how far away or overbearing it is.

But wait, citizens out west are not taking it any longer! The voters in both Colorado and Washington have risen up and are defying authoritarian government by demanding their right to smoke dope. Yep, standing up for dope – apparently this is the best they can do. The founding fathers must be spinning in their graves.

It doesn’t bode well for freedom when citizens of a nation can rouse themselves against the authoritarians only when the topic is smoking dope. The mullahs in Iran are probably rolling on the floor in laughter – subduing the West is going to be much easier than they ever dreamed. This is reminiscent of Huxley’s Brave New World where the population is kept content with its daily dose of soma. Perhaps we should just change the name of marijuana to soma.

Based upon the actions of our soma-loving freedom fighters in Colorado and Washington, we can safely conclude that America has crossed a line:  ideas such as freedom, self-government, and self-determination are now officially on life support in this country. And the prognosis is not at all positive.

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