Ezra Klein: The Wise Boy

First, NBC News publishes a column online touting Hillary Clinton’s “defining moments” that included no accomplishments, and now The New Republic has come out with a veri-table love letter to liberal propagandist Ezra Klein, a/k/a Alfred E. Neuman (check out his Washington Post photo), that is equally light on the accomplishments. Clinton and Klein seem to be the Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian of politics and propaganda:  they’re famous for being famous.

Although light on specifics, TNR claims that Klein understands Washington’s often “esoteric policy debates” and translates it for the interested layman. Evidently, Klein understands how “government works,” and when it’s broke, he’s the guy who knows how to fix it. According to a White House official, even the president “talks to Ezra,” and so Klein’s voice matters “a lot.” And apparently Nobel Prize winning economists such as Paul Krugman hang on his every word.

But rather than understanding how Washington works or how to fix things, Klein mostly “understands” only that Republicans are the cause of dysfunctional and divisive govern-ment. And for Klein, this means that Republicans refuse to become liberals and do Obama’s bidding.

Klein has sacralized Big Government and worships at its altar, to the point that his “translations” invariably call for nothing more than greater centralized control over 315 million citizens. Because Big Government is his religion, to which he clings as stubbornly as Obama, Klein is incapable of recognizing or understanding that the solution to political gridlock is to reduce the central authority in favor of more self-government at the state level.

This would mean returning to our decentralized system as originally designed, in which the founders limited central authority to certain enumerated powers, reserving the bulk of the power to the states. Limiting the scope and powers of the central government would make it far easier for people to come together in support of it.

Restoring the states to their original position within the structure of the American government might shift political gridlock from the federal to the state level, but at least individuals living in any one state could leave and go to another state whose policies they find more palatable. Exercising power at a local level used to be called self-government and self-determination although progressives today, such as Klein, have either forgotten these concepts or never heard about them in the first place.

Klein is supposed to be smart and fancies himself to be empirically driven, but until he comes to understand the importance of a decentralized political structure and recognizes that the movement away from our original structure is the fundamental reason for the political stalemate in this country, he is not worth taking too seriously. As it stands now, Klein is hardly the wise boy that TNR claims, and he couldn’t hold a candle to even Alfred E. Neuman.

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