More Liberal Intolerance

Earlier this week, television’s CBS This Morning ran a segment about Lucy Li, the eleven-year-old who is the youngest golfer ever to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open. It was one of those upbeat, enthusiastic pieces designed to leave viewers swooning over such a remarkable young lady.

Actually, the kid is kind of annoying, a little too intentionally cute, wearing an outfit based on the American flag complete with exposed midriff (see here). She resembles one of those precocious and super hip kids, with their adult mannerisms and self-absorption, who appear with Don Francisco on the program Sabado Gigante.

In the segment, however, the LPGA’s top ranked player, Stacy Lewis, rained on the feel-good parade by expressing some misgivings about placing so much pressure on an eleven-year-old.

Perhaps Lewis was thinking of Michelle Wie, who as a teenage phenom attempted to play with the men before she had even succeeded against women, which didn’t work out so well (although Wie finally just won the U.S. Women’s Open after more than a decade as a frustrated phenom).

In any event, CBS This Morning cohosts, led by Gayle King, did not agree with Lewis’s assessment and their reaction is a good example of how liberals, including those at major news organizations who claim to be objective, view and treat those whose opinions differ.

King suggested that Lewis had been drinking from a little cup of “hatorade.” Get it? A pun on the sports drink Gatorade (ha-ha). For some time, liberals have branded those who do not accept their worldview as “haters.” You see, liberals believe their views are so brilliant and obviously correct that opponents have no basis for opposing them other than hatred of some kind (including racism, of course).

On the CBS program, both Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell laughed along with King and evidently the producers were so impressed with the cleverness of the hatorade statement that they repeated it later in the week in a montage of the week’s “highlights.”

If anything, this only highlighted the nastiness and incoherence of liberal thinking.

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