The Very Courageous Lena Dunham

So now Lena Dunham joins the crowd of courageous Hollywood liberals who mock the Bible. On this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live (see here), Dunham shed her clothes in a spoof of the Garden of Eden story. Actually we didn’t really see her nude because her body was partly blurred (thank God for small favors). But wow, Dunham is sooo edgy and brave – like no one ever attacks Christianity these days.

I’m still waiting for one of these Hollywood useful idiots to mock Islam the way they do Christianity.  In her SNL bit, Dunham implies that Christianity is sexist so maybe when she gives equal treatment to Islam, she will focus on the misogyny and enslavement of women in certain areas of the world. Of course, these are real issues and addressing them would take real courage, so we can’t expect much from Dunham. People like her are capable of nothing more than posturing.

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