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Brave Liberals

So now Quentin Tarantino has a new movie, “Django Unchained,” which features depictions of slavery in the U.S. In interviews, Tarantino claims that the truth about slavery was a thousand times worse than that portrayed in the movie. But what’s … Continue reading

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Liberals Still At It

Boy, a person might think that liberals would take a break, at least during the holidays, from their muddled thinking, hypocrisy, and outright nastiness, but no such luck. For starters, the state of Colorado is busy drafting rules to require dog daycare and boarding facilities … Continue reading

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Defying The Authoritarians

Let’s see, the liberals are looking to put 315 million citizens under the thumb of the federal government for just about everything, including healthcare, which is a decidedly local activity (most people go to hospitals and doctors located near their … Continue reading

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Cycling And Democracy

This Slate article is an example of arrogance and self-absorption that I suspect belongs to a liberal. It also illustrates the liberals’ tactic of labeling as crazy anyone with whom they disagree. The tactic is especially odd in this instance because, more than once, the writer essentially boasts about being a … Continue reading

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World’s Oldest Person

So at this time, it seems that the world’s oldest person is 116 years old.  What I’d like to know is the record for the length of time that someone has held the title of the world’s oldest person. The answer to that … Continue reading

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