Liberals Still At It

Boy, a person might think that liberals would take a break, at least during the holidays, from their muddled thinking, hypocrisy, and outright nastiness, but no such luck. For starters, the state of Colorado is busy drafting rules to require dog daycare and boarding facilities that are pool-equipped to provide each dog with a “personal flotation device” while in the water. But not just life jackets:  the proposed rules would also require a lifeguard on duty to watch over the doggies, and the bottom of the pool must be “clearly visible” through the water to insure an appropriate level of sanitation.

The rules, however, are still in their early stages. Indeed, the state may already be rethinking part of the rules. Kate Anderson, who is the program manager for the Pet Animal Care Facilities Program within Colorado’s Department of Agriculture, suggests that the state may not require both life jackets and lifeguards. Rather, the state may adopt an “either/or” approach as the rule-making process continues, which may take up to a year to complete. No doubt the liberals think of themselves as the font of reason by agreeing to an either/or approach, but in fact, the entire endeavor is absurd in the first place.

The fact that the rule-making will take up to a year shows that Colorado’s liberals are combining absurdity with incompetence – not a pretty sight. One of the solutions to the political divisiveness in America would be to reduce the power of the central government in favor of more self-government and self-determination by citizens in the various states. The Colorado example, however, shows that the liberal problem would still exist at the state level. But some states still respect the concept of freedom and so people who feel oppressed would have some options.

Elsewhere, the liberals at the Journal News of White Plains, NY thought that it would be wonderful to post a map with the names and addresses of all handgun permit owners in Westchester and Rockland counties, apparently in response to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This is a very nasty strategy that liberals especially love:  for example, in California, they posted the names and addresses (with maps) of citizens who supported the 2008 state referendum that banned gay marriage. Of course, the goal with posting names is to intimidate those who disagree with one or more aspects of the liberal “vision.” It’s the cyber equivalent of the thuggery practiced by authoritarian regimes in places such as Venezuela. In this instance, though, bloggers have struck back by posting the names and addresses of the newspapers’ employees (hah).

Not to be outdone, left-winger Michael Moore decided to use the shooting at Sandy Hook to insult half the people in this country by calling them racist. Even though race is obviously not a factor in the various mass shootings that we’ve seen, Moore nevertheless somehow concludes, in his twisted and incoherent mind, that racism is the cause. Liberals and left-wingers never tire of labeling as racist those who oppose their views, even after the election is long over and Obama has prevailed for a second term. One would think that Moore, working in a creative industry as he does, would be able to come up with a more original insult.

Apparently spurred by the shootings at Sandy Hook, a number of Hollywood liberals recorded a message encouraging viewers to “Demand a Plan” for ending gun violence. Someone else then responded to this message by posting a video that juxtaposed the serious, somber call by each celebrity to end the violence with a film clip of the same celebrity acting in a scene depicting the most outrageous gun violence. The response was very effective at illustrating the hypocrisy of Hollywood liberals.

The Hollywood hypocrisy is so astounding that one can only wonder what these celebrities were thinking, or if, in fact, they’re even capable of rational thought. Until these liberals call for ending Hollywood’s culture of violence, refuse to accept parts in films with gratuitous, graphic violence, and donate a significant portion of what they earned from such films, then we shouldn’t pay any attention to them at all. Rather, as the creator of the response video suggests, we should perhaps demand that such celebrities go f*** themselves.

Finally, more nastiness comes from the authoritarians in Russia who passed a law prohibiting Americans from adopting Russian children, in retaliation against U.S. sanctions targeting Russian human rights abusers. This loathsome action will harm Russian children who would otherwise be adopted by Americans and arguably, in the aggregate, exceeds the destruction wrought at Sandy Hook. So much for the “reset” of relations with Russia, but then, what should we expect? After all, taking the lead for the U.S. in the reset with Russia was the same Hillary Clinton who only pretended to take responsibility for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.

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