No Shower After Working Out?

Okay, so this post comes many years too late, but I still marvel at the hygiene (or rather lack thereof) exhibited by people who go the gym. Here’s what I mean:  in the old days, people would go to the gym, workout, and then after the workout, take a shower before going home. In fact, people often used to say:  “I’m going to hit the showers.” These days, however, most people, both men and women, skip the shower part and just go home (or wherever) after their workout.

So why don’t people shower anymore at the gym? Perhaps some find that the locker room is too crowded and maybe others think the locker room and showers are not very clean. Whatever the reason, it probably doesn’t matter anyway – most likely showers and even the locker room itself will be a thing of the past once Google Glass makes its appearance at the gym. Hard to see many people changing and showering at the gym when the video cams are running.

In the immediate future, the decline in showering may lead clubs to reduce the resources they devote to locker room amenities, one such amenity being cleanliness. For example, I’ve never seen anyone actually clean the showers at a club. One time I saw an employee hosing down the shower room, but there were no cleaning supplies in sight or a brush on a handle, you know, for scrubbing things. So now it appears that spraying water = cleaning.

Indeed, it’s getting to the point where these clubs hardly even want to provide towels, and heaven forbid if one should be so bold as to ask for two towels (please kind sir, may I have another towel?). And with so few people using the showers, it’s not important when clubs run out of towels from time to time:  Sorry about that, maybe next time. A luxury club today is one that not only provides towels, but includes them in the basic member-ship price.

But do people who leave immediately after their workout shower right away when they get home? One time, I noticed a woman who skipped the locker room after finishing her workout. I soon finished my workout, hit the showers, and went home. While running an errand later near my building, I spied the same girl on the street wearing the same gym outfit. I recognized her because her shorts had the name of her college emblazoned across her bottom (a nicely shaped bottom, by the way, but then, she does work out).

So, a shower after exercising is apparently not a priority for women and if the women don’t shower, well, it’s probably best not to even think about the post-exercise hygiene habits of the other half of the population.

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