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Raising The Retirement Age

One very reasonable suggestion to help reduce the eventual Social Security shortfall is to raise the retirement age by a year or two. But watch out, liberal propagandists are at work challenging this simple idea, as seen in the latest article on the topic … Continue reading

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Redress Of Grievances

So we’ve all heard how citizens in a number of states are now petitioning the federal government to peacefully secede from the Union, and several states have reached the 25,000 signature threshold that is supposed to generate a response from the Obama … Continue reading

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O Brave New World

Well, here we have the propagandist Ezra Klein singing a paean to Obama, liberalism, and the changes wrought by liberalism over the last few years. But all the wondrous changes cited by Klein show nothing more than that America is becoming Europe. “O brave new world, That has … Continue reading

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A Divided Nation

Two days after the election, a couple of talking heads on one television network lamented the political divide in America today, and both of the heads were at a total loss for an answer to the problem. Well, the answer my friend is not blowin’ in … Continue reading

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Taking Responsibility

Resigning his position as CIA Director because of an extra-marital affair, David Petraeus show us what taking responsibility means. Liberals and especially Hillary Clinton should take note and use Petraeus’s experience as a, dare I say, “teachable moment.” Petraeus showed that taking … Continue reading

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Defying The Authoritarians

Let’s see, the liberals are looking to put 315 million citizens under the thumb of the federal government for just about everything, including healthcare, which is a decidedly local activity (most people go to hospitals and doctors located near their … Continue reading

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Big Government Mandate

Obama won just over 50% of the popular vote and sure enough, Jonathan Cohn, one of TNR’s chief propagandists, is claiming that Obama won a mandate. Before expanding on his claim, however, Cohn goes on a detour summarizing some of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Condescension

For over four years, Barack Obama has shown his contempt for half the people of this country, yet the Washington Post still claims that it’s Romney who insults voters, mostly because Romney hasn’t given enough details about his various plans. But what should … Continue reading

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Liberals Gaming The System

Writing in Slate, Claire Lundberg recounts her child care experience while living in France. She refers to France’s child care policies as European-style socialism adding:  “And I love it!” Indeed, she seems to especially love it when describing all the … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan Wallowing In The Muck

So now we see that Andrew Sullivan is suggesting that anyone who happens to disagree with Obama’s left-wing ideology is a racist. Liberal desperation is not a pretty sight, and Sullivan is only adding to the grotesquerie of it all. Playing the race card now in 2012 is truly … Continue reading

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