Andrew Sullivan Wallowing In The Muck

So now we see that Andrew Sullivan is suggesting that anyone who happens to disagree with Obama’s left-wing ideology is a racist. Liberal desperation is not a pretty sight, and Sullivan is only adding to the grotesquerie of it all. Playing the race card now in 2012 is truly bizarre; it’s as if Sullivan slept through the last four years, and doesn’t realize that Americans already elected Obama once before.

It’s surprising that anyone thinks Sullivan has any credibility at all – he’s a liberal who pretends that he’s a conservative and his performance on the war in Iraq was nothing short of despicable. Sullivan initially supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq for all the right reasons, but then bailed out when things looked bleak. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, but not Andrew Sullivan:  he turns and runs away.

Sullivan became hysterical during the war’s low point – he was like the character in the airplane disaster movies who becomes hysterical and needs to be slapped backed into coherence. Apparently no one was around to slap Sullivan. Sullivan’s friends, if he has any, should think twice about relying on him for anything since he’s likely to run away when difficulty arises.

By calling people racist only because they disagree with his ideology, Sullivan is wallowing in the muck of liberal nastiness. Unfortunately, he’s not alone:  wallowing around next to him are the equally incoherent and desperate Chris Matthews and Ron Rosenbaum. Add Joe Biden to the mix, and its hard to see how liberals ever win elections.

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1 Response to Andrew Sullivan Wallowing In The Muck

  1. reasoningpolitics says:

    First, I’d like to point out that honest conservatives are often painted unfairly with the label of ‘racist.’ Its a real problem and a shame.

    Second, I think Sullivan’s point is more of a cultural observation; he’s not calling anyone racist (he didn’t even use the word ‘race’ or ‘racist.’) The civil rights acts under LBJ broke apart the Democrats, those in the south became Republicans, and gave the GOP several generations of loyal voters.

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