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Punishing Bad Thoughts

Liberals continue to attack anyone whose thinking doesn’t conform to their ideology, and their efforts seem to be picking up steam. Lately, liberals have sought to punish Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, for certain statements relating to homosexuality and … Continue reading

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The New Tories

Writing in the Washington Post, Colbert King sounds the alarm over “an insurgent poli-tical force” that he calls the “New Confederacy.” According to King, the behavior of this force is “malicious and appalling” as it, in his view, takes up where the Old Confederacy left off in … Continue reading

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Liberals And Redskins

Well, about once a year, various liberals at the Washington Post pull out and dust off their old columns in which they claim the nickname of Washington D.C.’s professional football team is offensive, racist, etc., and demand that the team change its … Continue reading

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Brave Liberals

So now Quentin Tarantino has a new movie, “Django Unchained,” which features depictions of slavery in the U.S. In interviews, Tarantino claims that the truth about slavery was a thousand times worse than that portrayed in the movie. But what’s … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan Wallowing In The Muck

So now we see that Andrew Sullivan is suggesting that anyone who happens to disagree with Obama’s left-wing ideology is a racist. Liberal desperation is not a pretty sight, and Sullivan is only adding to the grotesquerie of it all. Playing the race card now in 2012 is truly … Continue reading

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Liberals Unhinged

Chris Matthews leads the spittle flying liberals (at least among the MSM crowd) as they attack Republicans for being racists and conducting a racist campaign. But now Matthews is facing competition from Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum who is establishing himself as … Continue reading

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