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The Gaza Conflict

As the media covers the crisis in Gaza, the news reports inevitably include the number of Palestinian deaths caused by Israeli military action (reports that in some cases almost seem to be part of a propaganda campaign against Israel).  The Washington Post recently published an … Continue reading

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The Gender Pay Gap

Liberals, such as those at the New Republic, are still clinging to that 77% statistic when writing about the gender pay gap, you know, the one where liberals claim that women earn only 77% of what men earn, implying discrimination (see here). The number is ambiguous and misleading, but that doesn’t stop liberals … Continue reading

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Not Getting Science

Oh dear, Austin Frakt of the liberal healthcare blog The Determined Statist (a.k.a. The Incidental Economist) is deeply saddened by the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby decision (see here). In that case, the court ruled that the government could not … Continue reading

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Liberals and Soccer

The fact that most Americans do not closely follow soccer – oops, I mean football – has always bothered some liberals. Consistent with their scorn for America, these liberals prefer the “world’s game” over the perceived violence and militaristic undertones of American football (not to mention other … Continue reading

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Liberal Deception

As corporations have exercised their freedom of speech (i.e., by contributing to political campaigns), liberals claim that they have taken over the government, and in the process, placed our democracy in deep jeopardy. In response to this take-over, some liberals (such as Ed Steiner) … Continue reading

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More Liberal Intolerance

Earlier this week, television’s CBS This Morning ran a segment about Lucy Li, the eleven-year-old who is the youngest golfer ever to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open. It was one of those upbeat, enthusiastic pieces designed to leave viewers swooning over such a remarkable young … Continue reading

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Can We Ostracize Hillary Clinton?

The ancient Greeks had a political practice called ostracism by which they could rid themselves of any citizen for a period of time. If only the U.S. had such a procedure. We could use it to banish the Benghazi Liar (a.k.a. Hillary Clinton) and her perjurer husband, Bill … Continue reading

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Diversity At Google

Google recently felt the need to “go public” by posting some employment numbers showing the gender and racial/ethnic makeup of its workforce (see here). As it turns out, 30% of Google’s workforce are women, 2% are black, 3% are Hispanic, and 30% are Asian. Google claims that this is … Continue reading

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Competition Deniers Strike Again

The recent agreement in principle between Partners Healthcare (a hospital system in the Boston area) and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is a good example of how liberals view competition and go about enforcing the antitrust laws, which is to say they don’t enforce them at … Continue reading

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Getting Excited About Elizabeth Warren

E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post seems to have a thing for Elizabeth Warren, the wannabe Native American junior senator from Massachusetts. Dionne never tires of praising or defending Warren, even if it means setting up and knocking down a straw man, … Continue reading

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