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How Liberals Misunderstand The Gender Wage Gap

Listening to liberals discuss the gender pay gap in sports provides a great opportunity to see them misunderstand how the world works. Based on the recent pay controversies in tennis and soccer, liberals seem to think that women who do … Continue reading

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The Desperation of Democrats

As the mid-term elections approach, it is becoming more and more depressing to consider the extent to which Democrats find it expedient to lie to voters. Some of their campaign ads and other statements are so blatantly false that one can only wonder what … Continue reading

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The Gender Pay Gap

Liberals, such as those at the New Republic, are still clinging to that 77% statistic when writing about the gender pay gap, you know, the one where liberals claim that women earn only 77% of what men earn, implying discrimination (see here). The number is ambiguous and misleading, but that doesn’t stop liberals … Continue reading

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