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Abusing Language

Usually it’s liberals who abuse language in the best Orwellian tradition, but evidently not wanting to be left behind, conservatives have now joined the party. In an article at the National Review Online, John Fund discusses a provision in the Obamacare … Continue reading

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More Obfuscation From Ezra Klein

Wise Boy (aka Ezra Klein) is at it again:  destroying the meaning of words in the best Orwellian tradition in support of statism. Wise Boy is one of those liberals who confuses matters by calling government spending “investment” or “insurance.” And he loves to equate tax expenditure … Continue reading

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Orwellian Word Games

Ezra Klein is again making an Orwellian argument to mislead readers, this time about taxes and spending. It appears that Klein, other liberals, and even a few misguided Republicans have agreed to use another word for “taxes,” especially those taxes that relate to what has become known as tax expenditures. … Continue reading

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The Liberals’ Orwellian Strategy

Using Medicare as the backdrop in a recent post, Matthew Yglesias claims that the difference between an economy based on markets and competition and an economy that is centrally planned (of the sort that Obama desires) is “superficial.” According to Yglesias, both types of economy are … Continue reading

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Decentralization Is Centralization?

It seems fair to characterize Obama’s “vision” as one that would move America even further along the road to centralized authoritarian government, and that in stark contrast to this, Romney and Ryan favor an approach where economic and political power is more … Continue reading

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