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Where Are The Moderate Democrats?

Pretty much the entire mainstream media and the liberals they work for are busy laying the blame for the government shutdown and stalemate over the debt ceiling at the feet of Republicans. According to the liberals, there’s a small radical faction within the … Continue reading

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Embracing Central Authority

WaPo columnist Anne Applebaum sees the GOP as endangering democracy by closing the government in an attempt to stop Obamacare. In her column, Applebaum implies (see here) that those who resist Obamacare are members of an “irrational fringe” and no better than “insurgents” or “coup plotters” who should be … Continue reading

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Defying The Feds

Well, although healthcare is a local activity, Obamacare is now placing one-sixth of the world’s largest economy under the thumb of the central authority – authority to which liberals meekly acquiesce. The best liberals can do in support of freedom and self-government is … Continue reading

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