Kaepernick Is Just Another Useful Idiot

Colin Kaepernick apparently fancies himself as the second coming of Martin Luther King, but sitting out the national anthem during San Francisco’s preseason football game on August 26 was more like the second coming of Bozo the Clown.  Here we saw a surreal spectacle of a black multimillionaire claiming that America oppresses African-Americans while playing on the same field with other black multimillionaires.

It’s especially hilarious how even conservatives claim that Kaepernick has a “right” to express his opinion. Last I heard, Kaepernick is employed by the 49ers and the NFL and his “protest” took place at a game, which is to say while he was at work. For normal people, engaging in political posturing while at the office or on the assembly line would earn more than a rebuke from their employer. But we shouldn’t expect anything from a spineless NFL – this is the same league that did nothing when players for the St. Louis Rams did their “hands up, don’t shoot” lie a few years ago.

Kaepernick’s football skills are declining and now we have evidence that his mental acuity isn’t much better. Black activists and their enablers, including the media and President Obama himself, have done a good job lying about the police. But that’s no excuse for Kaepernick. It would be very easy for him to learn the facts about police shootings. He need only check out just about anything written by Heather Mac Donald at the Manhattan Institute or he might look at the recent study by Roland Fryer, the black Harvard economist, which found no racial bias in police shootings (see here).

Fryer stated that the results of his study were the “most surprising” of his career. Which is odd in so far as other studies have yielded the same result (again, see the aforementioned Heather Mac Donald). It seems that liberals are often surprised by the results of studies that refute the racist or profiling narrative. Liberals were so surprised by the late 1990s study about alleged profiling by the New Jersey state police that the DOJ tried to bury the results. Rather then proving the profiling allegation, the study showed that African-Americans, who made up 14% of the population, accounted for 25% of the speeders, but were only stopped 23% of the time. Oops. Oh well, the simple desire of liberals to cast America as the land of racism is enough to continue the lies.

Now Kaepernick is suggesting that he might work as a “social activist” if the 49ers cut him from the team. From the Super Bowl to Social Justice Bozo. Sounds like a plan – he would make a great useful idiot for Black Lives Matter.

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