Punishing Bad Thoughts – Part 2

So liberal folks have had a week to mull over the punishment of Donald Sterling, owner of the L.A. Clippers basketball team, due to statements he made in the course of a private conversation with one other person, which is to say because of his thoughts.

Liberals have celebrated and a few, flush from their victory and not content to stop with Sterling, have called for an all out purge of the NBA. Mike Wise of the Washington Post is now urging sponsors, fans, and league employees to punish other owners – ostensibly for their bad actions, not their thoughts (see here). Without explicitly calling for their ouster, Wise implies that the owners of at least four other teams need to be removed.

According to Wise, two team owners contributed to campaigns opposing gay marriage (shades of Brendan Eich) and one of the two also owns an energy business that engages in – gasp! – fracking. And oh yes, another owner is in the mortgage industry who, according to Wise, almost single-handedly brought on the financial meltdown. And the fourth is a Russian who apparently hangs out with the Putin crowd. Wise is not only intellectually and morally superior to the rest of us, but evidently he’s an expert on foreign policy as well.

From these complaints, it is clear that Wise is bothered more by who these owners are, including their occupations and political outlook, than anything else. Wise believes that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver meted out social justice when he banned Sterling, and Wise is now ready to sally forth and remedy other social ills to achieve even greater justice.  And he hopes that those who agree with him will employ the same “mob-rule zeal” seen in the Sterling matter to achieve his goal.

So there we have it. A columnist at one of the leading news organizations in this country calling for punishment of NBA owners because he doesn’t like what they do or their politics (i.e., thoughts). NBA owner Mark Cuban suggested that punishing Sterling for his speech could put the league on a slippery slope. And here it is, at the top of a diamond slope with its skis dangling over the edge.

Wise fancies himself as one who believes the “planet can be better,” but his planet resembles an Orwellian police state more than anything else. Wise and his editors at the Post are simply out of their minds.

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