Pajama Boy Is Why The Islamists Will Win

We’ve all heard of “Pajama Boy” by now and seen the tweet, in which Pajama Boy sits, wearing his tartan jammies, holding a cup of hot chocolate, and suggesting that we talk about getting health insurance.

For those who have not been paying attention, here is our smirking hero:








This image and the tweet in question is the brain-child of Organizing for Action, a nonprofit with close ties to the Obama administration that serves as an arm of the Democratic Party. Obviously, OFA is a great supporter of Obamacare.

Much has been written about Pajama Boy, mostly to mock him and liberals, although some have suggested that conservatives have been “trolled” by Pajama Boy. But liberals are too involved in the feminization of America to think that they aren’t serious about Pajama Boy.

Liberals most likely see Pajama Boy as the ideal of masculinity. And if so, then America is doomed as long as liberals remain in charge. Does anyone think, for example, that this liberal vision of “manliness” will prevail against the Islamists?

The mullahs in Iran and elsewhere surely are salivating at the prospect of pouncing on Pajama Boy like a wolf on a sheep. Our national decline will not be a pretty sight.

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