Celebrating Jason Collins

So it seems that almost everyone is falling over themselves as they rush to deify pro basketball player Jason Collins, the new gay trailblazer. Since announcing his sexual orientation to the world, Collins has spoken with such heavyweights as Oprah Winfrey and even President Obama. And who hasn’t seen the praise from just about every liberal commentator and sportswriter in the country, such as this one from Washington Post sportswriter Mike Wise.

But if I may, I have a few questions about Collins and his ex-fiancée. Evidently, the couple was together for eight years, so assuming they weren’t celibate, was our hero cheating on her during those years (perhaps channeling Tiger Woods)? And if so, did he practice safe sex? In other words, did Collin’s behavior put his ex-fiancee at the risk of contracting HIV(not to mention placing himself at risk)? When a person goes public with his sexuality, these questions are fair game. Maybe the media should hold off on the celebration until we know the answers.

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