Sequestration Hysteria

With the sequester about to take effect, the liberal propagandists are beside themselves. According to liberals, Republicans must become Democrats and any who refuse are sick or crazy. David Ignatius of WaPo characterizes Republicans as a bunch of alcohol addicted drunk drivers who are going to drive the nation’s car off the road. And he’s feeling soooo helpless as a passenger stuck in the car.

All of this because Republicans are sticking to the sequestration that will only slow down the rate of growth of federal spending. Indeed, federal spending after sequestration will still be greater this year than it was only two years ago. Rather than a nervous passenger in the car, Ignatius is more like the passenger in the old airplane disaster movies who becomes hysterical and needs to be slapped back into coherence. Liberals really need to chill out.

For some time, Democrats have shown themselves to be addicted to spending, and now Ignatius attempts to turn the addiction argument around by claiming the addicts aren’t the big spenders. No sir, the addicts are Republicans who attempt to stop the spending. And what exactly are the Republicans addicted to, one might ask? Well, according to Ignatius, they’re addicted to “showdowns.” Nice try Davey, but no cigar.

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