Cyclists Are The New 1%

For some time, the Washington D.C. area has ranked either first or second in the country for the worst traffic congestion, so of course the liberals in charge have worked hard to create even greater congestion by building the nation’s “largest, most successful bike-share program.” Although commuting by bicycle is far from anything that even remotely resembles mass transit, liberals spare no expense in creating bike-share programs, marking off bicycle lanes, allowing bicycles full use of traffic lanes, and even closing streets entirely to cars in favor of bicycles.

And all this to allow a sliver of a fraction of the population to go about as if we live in Saigon, circa 1940, to the detriment of the vast majority. It’s especially funny how the D.C. liberals look to Copenhagen for advice on creating a biking culture. Copenhagen is the place that for all practical purposes forces its citizens to ride bicycles, even in the winter. But not to worry, the benevolent rulers of Copenhagen give preference to snow removal of the bicycle lanes. Many of Copenhagen’s riders claim that they like riding in the winter, but this is unlikely as anyone who lives in a cold climate knows very well that the number of cyclists drops dramatically in the cold weather.

Cyclists are the commuting version of the 1%, and the continuing efforts of liberal authoritarians to force cycling down the throats of its citizens is another example of what liberals do best:  lower the quality of life for everyone.

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1 Response to Cyclists Are The New 1%

  1. reasoningpolitics says:

    Hey I like bike lanes. It keeps them out of the regular traffic lanes. That’s when cyclists really gum up the works. We have a bike share in Denver that’s actually pretty cool. The city is pretty accessible by bike, and there’s a big cycling culture here.

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