College Tuition

Apparently this is how it works: 1. The government throws money at higher education, 2. Colleges raise tuition, 3. The government throws more money at higher education (total student debt is now about $1 trillion), 4. Colleges raise tuition. The liberals’ solution?  Price controls! Except that the propagandists evidently (as seen in this Washington Post editorial) have decided  to use the phrase “college cost-containment.” Ah yes, more Orwellian mind-control. You almost can’t make this stuff up.

Liberals must be drooling. Price controls in higher education will complement nicely the price controls that we’re likely to see after the authoritarians take over healthcare (markets and competition are not exactly featured elements of the liberals’ plans for healthcare). I don’t know the size of the higher education sector, but healthcare accounts for almost 20% of the economy, so we’re talking big-time central planning of the economy.

History has proven, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that a decentralized approach to the economy (i.e., markets and competition) is vastly superior to central planning. Yet, the liberals persist in going the authoritarian route. It really is unbelievable; it’s as if the liberals want stagnation and decline. Hopefully voters in November will reverse this trend.

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