Foreign Policy Experience

It’s hard to figure how liberals can criticize the foreign policy experience of anyone in view of the foreign policy background of Obama/Biden. Jonathan Bernstein admits that Obama had little foreign policy experience in 2008, and since then, his record as president has been no great shakes; inaction and appeasement have been par for the course.  And, as Charles Krauthammer has pointed out, Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy issue over the last 30 years, including more recently when Biden actually advised Obama not to kill Osama Bin Laden (given Biden’s latest antics, people should be very, very afraid that this guy is only a heartbeat away from the presidency). It’s really not possible for any Republican candidates to be any worse than what we’ve seen over the last three and a half years.

*Another attack on Romney/Ryan’s foreign policy experience, this time in Slate.

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