Obama’s “Vision”

Matthew Yglesias is incoherent when he claims that Ryan’s selection as VP means we’ll ignore the biggest issue of the campaign (i.e., the terrible economic performance since 2009). At one point, he claims that politicians “will still talk about this,” but then later claims that the issue will fade into obscurity. Admittedly, I’m not as smart as Yglesias, but he seems to be contradicting himself.

By the way, I really get a kick out of how Yglesias and liberals delude themselves into thinking that Obama has some sort of long-term “vision.”  This so-called vision is nothing more than a desire for highly centralized authoritarian government, which isn’t a vision, but more like the default condition throughout most of human history. It is only during the last couple of centuries that some societies have been able to broaden their horizons and move toward liberty, self-determination, and self-government.

As the result of this latter approach, the U.S. has generated the greatest prosperity for the greatest number of people in the history of the world. Of course, the left-wingers can’t stand it; for them, there are too many people out there accomplishing things, providing goods and services to millions of others, and all this occurring without the prior written approval of the left-wingers (poor babies). Hopefully, there will be enough rational voters in November to send the Obama vision packing.

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